Brandy (2)

Brandy looking off camera

Brandy looking off camera

(2/3) Again, I’m so thankful for Brandy for being so vulnerable and so brave. Here’s part two of three of our conversation.

“I know I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for photography. I’ve done a lot of free sessions because it means more to me than just a financial gain. I’m really passionate about working with people who can’t really afford it and allowing payment plans. It’s more important to me that people have those photos because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

I’m so thankful to have one child and every time we do family photos I just want to hold him so tight in those photos because I can. There was a time when Josh and I would take photos together and I always felt like a part of me was missing and it was because we didn’t have Jonah and we fought really hard to have him. And now I look forward to family photos. A lot of husbands don’t like doing family photos, but Josh and I love it because we can. Because we get to do it.

You somehow just find strength to keep going. I don’t know how. I really don’t. Hope. Hope is all we have sometimes

I think because we have Jonah he gives us a lot of motivation to keep going. We love being parents. Toddler-hood is hard. Everyone is so excited when you’re pregnant, but no one tells you, ‘just wait until they’re two-and-half or three.’ Mixing toddler-hood and IVF has been so overwhelming, but we didn’t want to wait until Jonah was six. And my husband has been extremely supportive and understands the mental and emotional health is vital and he provides me a lot of alone time and naps.

I really love to nap.”

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