Brandy (3)

Brandy posing, looking at camera

Brandy posing, looking at camera

(3/3) Here’s the final part of my conversation with Brandy. It was really great to get to know her more and to share her story.


“We’ve been pretty open with our journey and my biggest reason is because I just want other couples to know that they’re not alone and that also is not just a female issue, but it’s a male issue too. Josh and I both have our own diagnoses and we’re both very passionate about spreading the awareness and breaking the stigma of infertility.

Of course we run into people that we don’t know that well, like at playgroups, and they say, “Still no more kids, just Jonah? He’s three and half.”

I just tell them that we’re working really hard and I smile. There are some days when I feel strong and that’s okay, but there are other days when I’m not so strong and I will smile and then sometimes go to the bathroom, like at the library, and cry. Most of the time I try to change the subject and move on. We’ve gotten really good at wearing masks.

I hate that we’re going through this, but if I can be of help to anyone, if I can be a voice to anyone, I feel like at least there’s that.”

“You’re from Oklahoma, how do you feel about living in Topeka”

“I’ve lived here for 11 years and I’ve seen amazing growth. We’re such a better bike-friendly community than we were and there’s the First Friday art walks and those are great. I feel like our younger generation is getting out more and doing more things. I’ve become more and more proud of living in Topeka.”

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