Kansas Young - Brandy


(1/3) This is Brandy. She’s the owner of Lumen Photography and I’m very thankful that she shared her heart with me, and now with all of you.


“I taught myself how to use a camera. That was in 8th and 9th grade. I’m from a small town in Oklahoma. Coweta, Oklahoma and we thankfully had a journalism program and a yearbook program and I eventually became editor for those two programs. My teacher just sent me home and told me ‘Take the camera and learn how to use it’ and I did. It was just trial and error, so I feel very confident behind a camera. And that’s kind of life, trial and error. You mess up and you just keep going.

We did IVF with Jonah and we needed to do IVF again to add to our family, which is extremely expensive, we needed about $18,000 to do IVF again and that seemed impossible, so I thought ‘well I can do some photography, it may not get me very much it’s something I can do.’ Every little penny helps. So my goal was to have 20 sessions last fall, but within four months I ended up having 48 sessions. It was amazing. It was very busy. A lot of late nights editing. But it was worth it. My husband sold his motorcycle and the money came. It was amazing. And we’ve never gone into debt because of IVF and we’re thankful. Not a lot of people can say that. We’ve had a lot of family donations.

We transferred an embryo in June and miscarried it and then we transferred an embryo in August and miscarried. We have one more embryo and we probably won’t transfer until November and after my session last night, I realized I don’t think I can do that while pregnant. I’m not thankful for the miscarriages, but I would have had to cancel my sessions because it is hard work. You’re carrying all your gear, going up and down the hill. For example, we were at the governor’s mansion so it was kind of hilly. It was sweaty, and there were mosquitoes and lots of squatting and bending, but at the end, after the session I felt a confidence that I hadn’t felt in a long time, like I accomplished something. And after having failed cycles…it wears on you. And I felt like I succeeded at something. I made people happy. I was reminded that I am more than just infertility.

Getting away and doing those photo sessions really allows me to reset my whole emotional and mental state. It gets me out of the infertility zone and I can just pretend to be normal for a little bit. It’s a time when I don’t feel broken.”

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