Farai, looking at the camera

Farai, looking at the camera

(1/2) This is Farai, She’s the co-owner of the newly launched yoga studio in Topeka, Wild Yoga. She was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Botswana and has been living in Kansas for the past seven years.


“What was the hardest part about starting your business?”

“It’s still hard. We’re still at the beginning stages of everything. Just learning and accessing the information is hard because I’m not a business minded person. I just have an idea and want it to sprout into the world. I think the hardest thing is knowing your stuff and making the right choices. It’s not easy being a young person in Kansas if you’re not affluent, if you don’t come from money, so finding loans and being literate in that business language is important.

Haley told me how her goal was to open an all inclusive yoga studio. And for me, since I work with domestic and sexual assault survivors, that’s really important. There’s something called trauma informed yoga. It’s yoga for people who have gone through some sort of trauma and it basically helps them heal and process what happened to them. So that’s what I want to do, to get certified in Trauma Informed Yoga. I told Haley ‘if you ever want a teacher or a partner, let me know because this is one of my passions.’

I really care about marginalized people, people who don’t show up in most people’s radar. And it was the same for her, so we decided to form a business together.

Because of my Mass Media background, I’m really passionate about the representation of people of color in all different areas of life. When most people think of yoga, they think about white soccer moms in lululemon leggings and the perfect hair, with the perfect yoga outfit and the perfect yoga mat. And that’s not what yoga is about. Yoga is for the people. It’s for everybody.

So Haley and I have this idea to make it a safe space for people who are overweight, or gay, or whatever. It’s about making safe spaces for people to be themselves. They don’t have to look a certain way. They don’t have to be dressed a certain way. They can just be comfortable in learning this practice and be around people who look like them. We even have yoga classes for police officers and military veterans and we offer so many other safe spaces. We want to encourage community in Kansas, in Topeka especially, and we just want help people out.”

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