Josh looking at camera

Josh looking at camera

This is Josh. His love for photography started in high school with a 35mm Minolta and has only increased since then. But Josh is also a state representative and I wanted to learn more about that. I’m very thankful for his time.


“How do you go from photographer to legislator?”

“It wasn’t something I expected to do, but when there was a vacuum of leadership in that district and nobody else was stepping up to the plate to move the State in the right direction, I decided to do it. I know what running a small business is like, I know what people around me were saying and that some of the things that needed to get done were not getting done.”

“What’s harder, being a photographer or a legislator?”

“Being a legislator is not easy. The politics side of it can be frustrating, but the part that is rewarding is getting things done that help move Kansas forward.”

“If you could give me only one piece of advice, what would that be?”

“Just keep pursuing your passion. I think we all have God-given gifts and I think some people just sit on those gifts, dreaming about using them and never do anything about it. Just get out, even if it’s five minutes a day and explore that gift that you’ve been given. That’s something that I have to remind myself to do.”

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