Danny working

Danny working

This is Danny. He’s the owner of Corwin Guitar Co. Danny went to Midwest Guitar Building and Repair School in Saint Louis where he learned his trade.


“It’s really awesome to have a personal connection with not just the instrument, but also the player. All of my orders are custom orders. I don’t make them just to stock the shelves in guitar stores. People contact me directly with something they want on their mind and I’m able to produce that for them. It’s cool to work with people who have a dream or vision and make that happen for them. It’s pretty special. That’s probably the most fulfilling part of this trade.

You have to have a very thorough knowledge of not only the guitar and its geometry and how things need to go together to be playable, but also a thorough understanding of wood and how it acts and how it reacts in different climates and how different species react under string tension and what different species sound like, so that you could mix and match them to produce desirable sounds. Most guitar technicians are necessarily woodworkers. They may have a working understanding of electronics, but then there’s fretwork, which is a jeweler’s trade. You’re working with precious metals and shaping them and polishing them. And then there’s wood finishing, which is a whole different things. There’s just a whole slew of different skills that are required to do this well. And I have to be able to do it all.”

“What was the happiest or saddest day of your life?”

“The happiest and saddest day of my life happened the same day. It’s kind of a weird story. The day I met Mandy I was so excited to have met this person who I just thought was incredible, but also, heartbreaking because she was married when I met her. She was a guitar student of mine. She was looking for some lessons and she was assigned to my student roster in my schedule and she walked in and we hit it off. We became best friends right away. She had one foot out the door before we even met and then they got a divorce and later we eventually got together. We were attached to the hip and have been ever since. And now we have two kids.

I feel like we found each other and made it work. It’s crazy to think back about that time in my life because I was a wreck. I didn’t have much going for me. We both regularly acknowledge and tell each other, ‘You saved my life.’ We were both in really tough spots personally and then found each other and everything came together. And we’re here now, living happily ever after. Sometimes the greatest things come out of the worse circumstances and taking the plunge is what you have to do. There’s little reward without great risk.”

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