Kyle looking at camera

Kyle looking at camera

This is Kyle. 11 years ago, Kyle Moreland gathered a couple of friends and started what has now become an annual Christmas concert. The show outgrew its original location and this year is looking to be another success. For more info on the concert, please read the comments.

“I’ve always loved Christmas, but in 2006 it’s when Sufjan Stevens’ first Christmas collection came out, I think that’s the first time that I realized that ‘Oh, you can write original Christmas music.’

Almost every Christmas album that comes out it’s the same 11 or 12 songs and all done in the same arrangement. So this was the first time that sparked the idea that I could make this my own thing. So I wrote several songs and got a couple of friends together and the first concert was born out of that.

The concert started at World Cup coffee shop and just started as a thing for my family and friends, but every year, everyone was like, ‘This is great! I’m bringing everyone I know next year.’ And so by the fifth or sixth year it was packed like sardines in there. But I hang on to tradition really tightly, so we stayed like that for a few years, but this last year we wanted to get as many people as possible, so we moved to Serendipity in Noto and it worked out really well.”

“What are some of your favorite things about the concert?”

“One of the things that I like about the concert is new people that come almost always go, ‘Wow. I wasn’t expecting that.’ And so I’m always trying to do things that bring out that kind of magical reaction. And this show’s become part of many people’s yearly traditions, which is something I wanted it to be, but I never anticipated it happening.”

“Do you have any cool, or funny anecdotes from these past 11 years?”

“Well, one of the things that have evolved is that we do a white elephant gift raffle, so everyone gets a ticket at the door and end up getting random, crazy things. So, last year one little girl won a potato peeler with a potato, so really, she got a double gift.

In the second part of the show, we do a Christmas around the world mini-set, where we do songs inspired by other parts of the world. So we were doing Christmas in Killarney, which is an Irish song, and the little girl was holding the potato high, waiving it to the song. That was one of my favorites from last year.”

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