Pedro (2)

Pedro standing

Pedro standing

(2/2) I want to thank Pedro again for his time and for sharing his heart and for his love of Topeka.


“Downtown is going to take years to fully develop. We may not even see what it will become. It’ll probably be the next generation who gets to see it all, but I’m happy to take the first step and start things out. I feel like I can make a difference here. If an investor sees that I opened a restaurant with Aim Strategies, then more people will open more things and they will be less afraid of investing. NOTO is a perfect example; if you had been there five or six years ago you would have seen how empty it was. There was no Wheel Barrel, there was no Norsemen, no NOTO Burrito. But now there’s a group of people are that are trying to make Topeka different.

Look at you, you’re doing this, Kansas Young. You’re already winning. You’re so ahead of so many people right now just by the fact that you’re trying. Because there are people out there complaining, but they haven’t tried. Anyone here in Topeka who is trying is already winning, even if they don’t succeed. They’re still winning and are leagues ahead of the person who is just sitting and not doing anything. That’s why everyone who comes to me with an idea I just tell them ‘do it.’ You’re not gonna find out if it works or not if you don’t do it.

Failure will make you better. If you haven’t failed at anything, you haven’t learned or done anything. You need to fail to succeed. I took cancer as my failure. I took my health for granted, I took my family and friends for granted so now I’m just trying to rectify my mistakes. I’m trying to work a little less, spend more time with family and help the community as much as I can.”

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