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Heather smiling

Heather smiling


“It all kind of started because, you know Pedro Concepcion is in the restaurant business, and it’s been an idea of mine since I first moved here. So when we first started dating I told him, “You should help me open my juice bar/restaurant.” I would tell him that from time to time and this Top Tank contest came up and he was like, “You should open your own juice/bar restaurant.” And I had a lot of stuff going on so I just kind of put it off and one day I came home and the laptop was open and he goes, “You sit down and you fill this out, answer these questions and put your vision on paper and I’ll make dinner.” So I did it and I’m really excited to be one of the finalists.

‘A La Carrot’ kind of represents my journey in a way. It has the smoothies, it has the juices, it has the healthy foods and the understanding of proteins and complex carbs and making the food work for you and that clean eating aspect as well. We’re all different people from different parts of the world, with different metabolisms, with bodies that process things differently and so what works for me may not necessarily work for you.So, I basically want to have a place that serves healthy food and gives you options in the menu.

Pedro has been helping me out a lot. I met Pedro when I moved here and he’s been the greatest gift ever. He’s so amazing with my son and to me and some days I just cry because I’m so grateful. It’s so great to have a partner like that.”

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