Staci (2)


“Before my son was born, I found out that he had a rare tumor in one of his lungs when I was 20 weeks pregnant. From that point on, we had doctor’s appointments every week and had many visits to a specialist. He was in intensive care for three weeks after he was born. He had surgery right away, so that was also a huge moment in my life. This was right before I started painting. The doctors at the time told me that he had a 50 percent chance of living after he was born and that I could terminate the pregnancy or just wait it out. There were some really rough moments during that time. Where do you find strength when you don’t have strength to find in the first place?

During those times after he was born and I was struggling, I started doing these random acts of kindness. I would buy some stranger’s lunch in the drive thru or go drop a bag of groceries for a homeless person, just anything. My life was so bad that I found happiness by making somebody else happy and so that was the only time that I felt that I was doing anything good. Even after all that I went through, I wouldn’t change anything about my life because it gave me strength to be who I am today.

After my son was born with his medical problems, I decided to stay home with him and do daycare, while still utilizing my education degree. I never imagined it would last as long as it has. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about being a woman, who is a small business owner. Doing it for so long by myself it’s also very much a reason for my success as an artist. It gave me the business skills necessary to make my art a business and also gave me the financial support I needed for my family.”

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