Elena (2)

Elena smiling
Elena smiling
“Besides my photography business, three years ago I started Fig & Fern. I make photography props for newborns and babies that I market to photographers mainly.Before I had this last baby, I could work more a little bit more during the day, set the kids up with some toys or a show and then I would work.
Now it’s a little trickier with a baby needing me so much more. Any free time I have is usually spent working after the kids go to bed. It’s hard finding a balance between being a wife and making time for that, making time for the kids and making sure that I’m not too distracted during the day. And also time to just relax because I’m exhausted during the day, but at night is when I work. I feel like a crazy person most of the time. I’m going to start homeschooling in the fall so it’s going to be even harder.
Our daughter has some self-confidence issues and a little anxiety. I just want to build her up a little bit more before we send her back out into the world. I want her to grow more confident. I think she probably learns at a different style than at a classroom full of 20 other kids wanting attention, so I think it’ll be good for her to have a smaller classroom. People always say, ‘Your kids are only so little for so long’ and so, I think by homeschooling it’ll give me more time with the kids. This last year Ellie was in kindergarten and I barely see her, except for a few hours in the evenings and on the weekends. It’ll be nice to spend more time with her.”

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