Courtney (2)

Courtney outdoors smiling

Courtney outdoors smiling


“I was trying to think of a clever name and my dad who’s not creative at all was like, what about ‘Bondbons?’ and I thought that was great.

Back when I started Bondbons, we had just started a Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey to pay off our student loans and get rid of our debt. Between the two of us we had $82,000 in student loan debt so I thought that maybe this was something I could do to help us pay it off. I posted something in January of 2014 and told people I was making cake balls for Valentine’s Day, but I wasn’t expecting to get many orders. But I had a lot of friends and family place an order out of the kindness of their hearts and then I told my husband that I probably wasn’t going to get any orders out of this, but I did keep getting more orders from other people and it kept snowballing from there.

That class helped our marriage a lot. We were never on the same page financially until we took that class. We actually sat down and did a budget together. We just talked about money stuff last night and if that would’ve been five years ago we would’ve been screaming at each other because we would get in a lot of fights about money. This time we had a very calm and mature conversation about money because we’re on the same page about it.

My husband started painting on the side and I did this, and in 38 months we became debt free. There’s no way we could have done it without Bondbons and his painting business. That’s one reason why this is so special to me, not only because I built this from the ground up and came up with the concept, but the fact that it helped us get financial freedom is priceless to me.

It’s funny because when we got married I had never baked anything in my life, so he had to teach me how to cook. I remember the first time I tried to make something for him and he was very sweet and eating it and I hadn’t taken a bite. Then I took a bite and realized that it was disgusting! He was like, ‘Well, I was only eating it because I didn’t know if you found it gross, too.’ He had to teach me how to cook. It boggles my mind that me, who didn’t even know how to cook, can start this thing and turn it into something successful. So, I hope that encourages people. Don’t be discouraged where you are now or what you can or can’t do now because anything’s possible. Everybody starts somewhere.”

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