Dane looking at camera

Dane looking at camera

This is Dané Raphael Shobe. Dané (he really wants you to know that it’s pronounced ‘Daynuh’ and Shobe, like ‘globe’) is the co-creator for the web series Lucky Us Show. Dané’s passion for acting stems from his love of Power Rangers and pro-wrestling when he was younger. We talked for a while. This is part one of three. ‘Like’ the page to be notified when part two comes out tomorrow and please share with your friends.



“I don’t want to have kids because I don’t want to bring another brown baby into this world with the way it is right now, because I’d be afraid for that kid every time they were out of my sight.

I had a heavy conversation with a friend of mine the other day about this. There’s no way I could protect that kid. I phrased it to her this way, ‘You think highly of me and that’s great, but if I were to be killed by the cops, you’ll have to watch a bunch of strangers on the Internet try their best to justify my murder. You’d have the media digging through my social media past looking for examples of me being a thug and more than likely you would have whatever officer did it walk away with no repercussions or consequences and that’s what my mom would have to go through. If I had a wife that’s what she would have to go through with our kid if it happened and I’m in no hurry to experience any facet of that.’

Nowadays is the scariest that it’s ever been in our lifetime. One day recently I was walking home from a bar real late and I was walking down 17th street and I saw some white cats way down the way and maybe a couple of years ago I would never think to do this, but this time I went and hid in the neighborhood and waited until they passed because you just don’t fucking know right now.”

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