Dané (2)

Dane smiling

Dane smiling


“What I try and tell everyone is to do what they want. I see lots of people give up on their dream. Since I wanted to be an actor, since high school when I started that, there are lots of people who used to be with me in that and I’m the last one. I’ve also seen lots of things change. It used to be you had to move to the coast to be an actor and follow certain channels, but I never subscribed to that. I’ve never had this romantic idea of Hollywood. I’ve always wanted to do my own thing. I’ve always wanted to tell my own story.

I’ve always felt that if you went out there, you’re going to become part of a school of fish and no one ever pays attention to a fish in a school. But if you’re doing things out here they’ll say, ‘What’s that fish doing over there? No one does anything over there. What’s going on with this fish?’ So I always try and do my own thing. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your dreams are unrealistic because I feel that ‘unrealistic’ was invented by people who gave up on their dreams, so don’t ever let that be the case.

Also, everyone else seems to think that they know your dream better than you do. I’m like ‘Man, it’s my dream! Give me the benefit of the doubt! Maybe I have done some of my own research on how to do what I want to do.’ So yeah, ultimately when it’s all over I want people to say ‘Dane Shobe was stubborn, but he got things done the way he wanted to do them on his own terms and did not compromise. He did it his way.'”

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