Kat smiling at sunset

Kat smiling at sunset

This is Kathryn Keyes (she goes by Kat), she’s the co-creator of the web series Lucky Us Show and a producer and filmmaker at MotoVike Films.


“I’m a very open person, but in the last several years I’ve struggled with being vulnerable. Being open and being vulnerable are two very different things. I’ll talk about anything you want to talk about, but actually being seen is a very different thing. I think at its root, connection is the most important thing. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to connect meaningfully. We’re here to develop really important relationships with people and we’re all on this journey together. There’s never going to be a point in my life when I’ll say, ‘I’m self-actualized, I’ve arrived!’ That’s not how that works.

I’m going to fight the same battles and I’m going to fight them over and over. So, fighting that battle of trusting self and trusting myself to be open with people and letting people in is my challenge. I kind of hate that because I love people. I like connecting with people, but every single time I meet someone new I ask, ‘Are you safe?’ That’s affected me in the way I recharge, the fact that I’m very introverted, the friends that I’ve chosen, the activities that I’ve chosen, the way that I work in a daily basis and what distracts me and how.

My biggest challenge right now is being patient. I love learning and I have all of these ideas and I’m constantly reading and learning. I want to be doing more, but there’s only so much time and there are only so many hours in the day. I love what I’m doing. I do feel like I’m helping move the needle with organizations that need to have a voice. We work with the YWCA for example and organizations that are doing a lot of good and every second of that is meaningful and I want to give myself to that. But I also feel kind of pulled. I’ve done that work for so long in that sort of realm in helping communicate on their behalf that I want to take that even further, so my challenge is getting there. I’m working full time and going to school again.”

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