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Kat smiling


Lucky Us Show was something that I wanted to do before I couldn’t. I wanted to make my own thing and I wanted to tell stories that people might relate to. I feel like I’m surrounded by really brilliant people and I’m lucky to be friends with them. I grew up in a very tight knit family and we always said that ‘If somebody could put a camera on what’s happening right now I would watch this, this is hilarious.’ It was genuinely funny. And I’ve always been really lucky to be surrounded by people like that and there’s so much that happens in life that is so freaking absurd that it deserves to be told.

Dané and I have both been involved in projects before that went belly up, so I said, ‘Hey, I know you’re not going to back out and I’m not going to back out, so let’s make this, let’s do something together.’ That’s how it started. Everything’s based in a little bit of reality, kind of a hyperbolic version of that.

I hear people all the time saying they’re not creative and that’s ridiculous. If you pass down stories that your family always told, that’s an art form. I’m very introverted and so are a lot of my friends. I’ve collected this circle of introverts. I have a girlfriend of mine who said, ‘I’m so excited for you that you’re doing this, this is really cool. I want to write my short story, just for me and for the first time I feel like I could do that.’ I hope that’s what the show does, that it inspires others to be creative.”

“What’s one piece of advice that you would give to others reading this?”

“This is advice that my mom gave me when I was early in middle school and that is to ‘remember that nothing anyone does is about you.’ For example that person who wasn’t paying attention on the freeway wasn’t cutting you off to inconvenience you. They were in their own space. And so it’s a way to just keep things into perspective and be a little bit kinder than necessary and to give a little more understanding.

If we took things a little less personally and took ourselves a little less seriously, I think we’d have less conflict.”

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