Lucas Ryan

Lucas Ryan

This is Lucas Z Ryan. He’s the Operations Manager of Infinite Properties Group and he’s also running for City Council, District 6 in Topeka.


“I kind of have run the gamut in terms of expectations. Freshman year of high school my Debate and Forensics coach sat me down and told me that I was going to be the next national champion she coached. Junior year of high school I did an interview with a teacher and they told me that they thought I would win a Nobel Prize at some point because of conversations we’ve had. My mom has two Master’s degrees and a lot of her professional life has been about college access for low income and foster care students as well as now being a school counselor. So, when I told her that I was taking two years off of school, her response was to tell me the statistics on how frequently people actually go back to school, which is a disheartening number.

So, those expectations have always been there, from teachers, from parents and from friends. And I think I internalized a lot of that when I was younger in a way that wasn’t healthy and that’s where those lost years were. I was asking myself, ‘What am I really doing? Am I doing these things because that’s what people expect of me? Or am I doing them because I want to?’ And there was a lot of internal dialogue going on around that process. I was really in a fog. But now I have settled very firmly into understanding the systems and structures that have been built around all of our lives and the way that we interact within those systems and structures and how they’re good and bad. I think a lot of that comes from having those structures putting a whole lot of expectations on me and then really thriving within that in high school and then graduating and realizing that a lot of those structures are artificial as hell.

There’s a business quote that Keller Williams often espouses and I’m real reluctant to use the gimmicky, motivational quotes that a lot of companies use just because a lot of times they’re clichés and overused. I believe a lot in the power of words, so I’m reluctant to use things that are false anachronisms or analogies, but they got this one that’s ‘No pressure, no diamonds.’ And as cheesy as it is, it’s something that I’ll often tell myself internally. ‘You know there’s a whole lot of pressure on all ends, but I know that at the end of the day, even if doesn’t work out, it’s a learning process and I’m better for it.’”


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