S.J. (2)

(2/2) “I look at the world without walls. I never met anybody that I was afraid to go talk to, or shake their hand or introduce myself. So my biggest challenge is to not let the naysayers get me down, which doesn’t happen often. But everyone has feelings and no one likes it hearing those […]

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This is S.J. Hazim, he’s a community leader, activist and connector. This is part one of his story. -Part of the Kansas Young at Heart series. —– (1/2) “I consider myself a creativity expert. I teach creativity. I believe that in this day and age we don’t tap in to our creativity, or utilize the […]

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Vidhi (2)

“I’m kind of like the black sheep of the family. To come to this point I had to make it all about me and how to get better and how to make friends. My parents and my family are still very much Indian, but I have immersed myself into this environment to be more accepted […]

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Dané (2)

(2/3) “What I try and tell everyone is to do what they want. I see lots of people give up on their dream. Since I wanted to be an actor, since high school when I started that, there are lots of people who used to be with me in that and I’m the last one. […]

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Courtney (2)

(2/2) “I was trying to think of a clever name and my dad who’s not creative at all was like, what about ‘Bondbons?’ and I thought that was great. Back when I started Bondbons, we had just started a Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey to pay off our student loans and get rid […]

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This is Courtney Turcotte Bond. Courtney has been an English teacher at Washburn Rural High School for 14 years. She’s also the owner of Bondbons, where she specializes in “gourmet cake balls, cake pops, and various chocolate-covered bites.” Her husband Randall, along with their kids, also help out as needed. This is part one of […]

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Staci (2)

(2/2) “Before my son was born, I found out that he had a rare tumor in one of his lungs when I was 20 weeks pregnant. From that point on, we had doctor’s appointments every week and had many visits to a specialist. He was in intensive care for three weeks after he was born. […]

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Adam (2)

(2/2) “We met at the Sandwich Shoppe. She worked at the courthouse and she would come to lunch two or three times a week and I would always ask my employees, ‘Who is this girl?’ Then we started talking and stuff. I’m 10 years older than her, but it works. I just knew when she […]

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This is Adam. Adam VanDonge and his wife Kasie are the owners of The White Linen, a fine-dining restaurant based on contemporary French and American cuisine in downtown Topeka. He grew up in a farm near Soldier, Kansas. He started the Sandwich Shoppe in Holton, Kansas in 2013. Less than a year later he remodeled […]

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Heather (3)

(3/3) “What’s one piece of advice you would give to people reading this?” “Be amazing and kind to others. Treat everyone like they’re your best friend. I say that all the time. I say that to my son. I have one rule and that is that you be a good person, a nice person, a […]

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