Deanna (2)

(2/2) “The original idea started about 10 years ago and it came about when my daughter started writing and I couldn’t find a mentor for her. I was like, ‘If I can’t find one for her, there are probably other kids that don’t have a mentor either’ and I didn’t want her to lose the […]

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This is Deanna Munoz the founder of the Latino Foundation for the Arts a non-profit that is doing amazing things for children in the community. She was also featured in Season 4 of Queer Eye. This is part one of her story. — —- “Being on Queer Eye helped me confront some truths about my […]

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This is Lucas Z Ryan. He’s the Operations Manager of Infinite Properties Group and he’s also running for City Council, District 6 in Topeka. —- (1/2) “I kind of have run the gamut in terms of expectations. Freshman year of high school my Debate and Forensics coach sat me down and told me that I […]

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This is Vidhi Heiland, although she goes by V. She is the owner of Essential Henna By V. This is part one of her story. —- “Henna has always been part of my culture. My mom used to do it on me when I was younger, so when we moved here my friends were like, […]

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Lexi Rodriguez is the creator of Hope Through Headphones, a nonprofit that started out as a Washburn Student Organization and is now looking to expand with chapters to other schools. — “I was bullied starting in fourth grade. I was called words that I didn’t even know what they meant. It just got progressively worse […]

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Courtney (2)

(2/2) “I was trying to think of a clever name and my dad who’s not creative at all was like, what about ‘Bondbons?’ and I thought that was great. Back when I started Bondbons, we had just started a Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey to pay off our student loans and get rid […]

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This is Courtney Turcotte Bond. Courtney has been an English teacher at Washburn Rural High School for 14 years. She’s also the owner of Bondbons, where she specializes in “gourmet cake balls, cake pops, and various chocolate-covered bites.” Her husband Randall, along with their kids, also help out as needed. This is part one of […]

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Elena (2)

(2/2) “Besides my photography business, three years ago I started Fig & Fern. I make photography props for newborns and babies that I market to photographers mainly.Before I had this last baby, I could work more a little bit more during the day, set the kids up with some toys or a show and then […]

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This is Danny. He’s the owner of Corwin Guitar Co. Danny went to Midwest Guitar Building and Repair School in Saint Louis where he learned his trade. —- “It’s really awesome to have a personal connection with not just the instrument, but also the player. All of my orders are custom orders. I don’t make […]

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