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“The science behind racial studies initially was all geared towards separating and creating a white elite class of human beings. There’s nothing good about it. Ethnicity, culture, nationality, history, all of that’s great, but there’s nothing good about race. So I started thinking, ‘How do I reconcile these things? How does Christ look at these […]

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“I had a really good friend who was kind of an outcast in the music department and he was also an atheist. So we had a lot of deep conversations about Christ and religion and later on about race. He was also a military kid, so he grew up with all sorts of races and […]

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This is Brail Watson. He’s a recording artist, as well as the Worship Resident at Fellowship Bible Church – Hi-Crest. You most definitely should check out his EP, the Demo at —- (1/3) “Right now what I’m focused on is cultural and racial reconciliation. Everything I do feeds into that. Everything about me is […]

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Marty (3)

  (3/3) “How can we best put into practice the idea of being active in our communities, not just being vocal on social media?” “I think the easiest thing people can do is ask each other how they’re doing. Whether that’s your coworker or close friend or family members, one way to put that in […]

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Marty (2)

(2/3) “Last summer there were a lot of people in the community that were trying to have these conversations with local authorities and elected officials and they quickly derailed. I was always disappointed with myself that I at least wasn’t there to bear witness to what was going on. I think, if nothing else, it’s […]

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(1/3) This is Martinez Hillard. He goes by Marty. This is part of his story. “Like” the page to be notified for the following two segments throughout the day. EBONY TUSKS has been around in some shape or form since the fall of 2010. Marty wrote his first rap when he was 11 and started […]

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This is Kyle. 11 years ago, Kyle Moreland gathered a couple of friends and started what has now become an annual Christmas concert. The show outgrew its original location and this year is looking to be another success. For more info on the concert, please read the comments. — “I’ve always loved Christmas, but in […]

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