Brail (3)

“The science behind racial studies initially was all geared towards separating and creating a white elite class of human beings. There’s nothing good about it. Ethnicity, culture, nationality, history, all of that’s great, but there’s nothing good about race. So I started thinking, ‘How do I reconcile these things? How does Christ look at these […]

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“I had a really good friend who was kind of an outcast in the music department and he was also an atheist. So we had a lot of deep conversations about Christ and religion and later on about race. He was also a military kid, so he grew up with all sorts of races and […]

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This is Brail Watson. He’s a recording artist, as well as the Worship Resident at Fellowship Bible Church – Hi-Crest. You most definitely should check out his EP, the Demo at —- (1/3) “Right now what I’m focused on is cultural and racial reconciliation. Everything I do feeds into that. Everything about me is […]

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Lexi Rodriguez is the creator of Hope Through Headphones, a nonprofit that started out as a Washburn Student Organization and is now looking to expand with chapters to other schools. — “I was bullied starting in fourth grade. I was called words that I didn’t even know what they meant. It just got progressively worse […]

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This is Huascar Medina. Huascar is a writer, an artist. Recently, his play “Theodore’s Love” was chosen for the 5th annual Ad Astra Homegrown Playwright Project. This is his story. “I have this constant existential anxiety about my place in the world. I need to know that I’m not wasting my time and that my […]

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Kat (3)

(3/3) “Lucky Us Show was something that I wanted to do before I couldn’t. I wanted to make my own thing and I wanted to tell stories that people might relate to. I feel like I’m surrounded by really brilliant people and I’m lucky to be friends with them. I grew up in a very […]

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Kat (2)

(2/3) “My mom is my hero and one of the most fascinating people I know. She’s always educating herself and always learning more. I was 11, was when my father left us, so my mom told us from very young that we had to work hard to buy our own school supplies. My biological father […]

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This is Kathryn Keyes (she goes by Kat), she’s the co-creator of the web series Lucky Us Show and a producer and filmmaker at MotoVike Films. —- “I’m a very open person, but in the last several years I’ve struggled with being vulnerable. Being open and being vulnerable are two very different things. I’ll talk […]

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Dané (3)

(3/3) “Recently I started reading a book by Leslie Odom Jr. and he had a whole section where he was talking about mentors. And I was like, I need some of that. I don’t really have mentors. I do a handful of things and I think I do them pretty well, but they’re all self-taught. […]

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Dané (2)

(2/3) “What I try and tell everyone is to do what they want. I see lots of people give up on their dream. Since I wanted to be an actor, since high school when I started that, there are lots of people who used to be with me in that and I’m the last one. […]

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